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Junk Removal in Marlboro NJ

Looking for a reliable Marlboro junk removal company? Got Rubbish Junk Removal is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to outstanding junk removal services, marked by exceptional speed, environmental sustainability, and client satisfaction. Our dedicated crew ensures swift removal of clutter, with a focus on ethical handling by means of recycling, donating, or proper disposal. Serving both commercial and residential sectors in the NJ and NY Metro area, Got Rubbish offers a wide array of solutions for all your junk removal requirements!


Marlboro Residential Junk Removal Services We Offer


Marlboro Furniture Removal

Need furniture removal in Marlboro, NJ? Got Rubbish has got you covered! Furniture that we remove includes:


  • Couches and Sectionals
  • Desks
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Shelves and Cabinets
  • More!
Marlboro Fence Removal

Marlboro Appliance Removal

Got Rubbish offers reliable furniture removal services in Marlboro. Appliances that we remove include:

  • Stoves and ovens
  • Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Freezers and Refrigerators
  • Microwaves and Ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • More!


Marlboro Garage Cleanouts

Are you looking for a great company for garage cleanouts in Marlboro? Got Rubbish Junk Removal provides cost-effective, high-quality services! In your search for garage cleaning companies, you have two choices: a franchise junk removal company or the local experts at Got Rubbish, who offer comparable Middletown junk removal services at a more competitive price and with superior customer service.


If you’re in need of a garage cleanout at an affordable price from a reliable team, look no further than Got Rubbish Junk Removal!

Marlboro Attic Cleanouts

Marlboro Attic Cleanouts

Got Rubbish has extensive experience with attic cleanouts in Marlboro. No matter why you needed our help, and no matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’ll give our best efforts and clean up the attic in a quick, timely manner.


  • Moving out? Let us help you clear your attic and save you several trips up and down the ladder.

  • Doing some spring cleaning? Give us a call, and we’ll be there to declutter the attic for you.

  • We can also empty attics in business settings where you normally wouldn’t have time to.

Marlboro Shed Demolition

It’s always recommended to hire a professional for shed demolition in Marlboro, NJ. Tearing down a shed can be a complex and demanding job, not suited for just anyone. At Got Rubbish Junk Removal, we simplify this task by carefully dismantling your shed and transporting the debris away in our trucks. Our experienced crew, armed with the necessary tools, guarantees a smooth and secure removal operation. Skip the stress and physical labor of doing it on your own, and avoid the risk of injuries as well.


Why not choose the hassle-free option and reach out to us?  removed. Let us assist you in reclaiming your space effortlessly. For expert shed demolition services in Marlboro, get in touch with Got Rubbish Junk Removal today!

Marlboro Shed Demolition

Marlboro Hot Tub Removal

Seeking an expert for hot tub removal in Marlboro, NJ? It’s common to find neglected, inoperative, or unwanted hot tubs occupying valuable space on properties. Reclaiming this area can be a daunting task without the assistance of a specialized team such as Got Rubbish Junk Removal. With our amiable and skilled team, who specialize in hot tub removal, you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll efficiently remove the hot tub, load it onto our trucks, and take care of its disposal, allowing you to relax as we handle everything.

Marlboro Yard Debris Removal

Do you need yard debris removal in Marlboro, NJ? Got Rubbish Junk Removal specializes in yard debris removal, offering a seamless solution for the disposal of branches, lawn cuttings, and other garden refuse. Our all-inclusive service is designed to clean up your cluttered outdoor areas efficiently. With a team ready and able to tackle the task, we save you the hassle of multiple trips to dispose of your garden waste. Our cost-effective, volume-based pricing ensures affordability for our comprehensive service.


Marlboro Fence Removal

Marlboro Fence Removal

Got Rubbish can help you quickly get rid of your unwanted fence with our Marlboro fence removal services. Our expert team can provide you with fence removal in less than 24 hours once you schedule your hassle-free appointment with us.

We provide a variety of junk removal services and deconstruction projects to help reach your home improvement goals. If you have questions about what we take, or our service areas, give us a call! We’d be happy to tell you about our fence removal process and help you schedule your hassle-free fence removal appointment today.


Marlboro Commercial Junk Removal Services We Offer

Marlboro Office Cleanouts

Getting a reliable company for office cleanouts in Marlboro is important for your business to function.  Here are two reasons why you should choose Got Rubbish Junk Removal to take care of this for you:

Friendly Service.
We make being friendly, courteous, and reliable our top priority in the hopes of fostering long-term relationships and earn referrals from all our customers.  You are our top priority.

Perfection is important.
We strive to leave an impression by completing the beyond satisfaction.  We will take all the junk we can take and clean the area before transporting your junk to the dump.

Marlboro Storage Unit Cleanouts

Do you need storage unit cleanout services in Marlboro, NJ? Contact Got Rubbish Junk Removal for quick and efficient storage unit cleanouts! Our crew is celebrated for their professionalism and respect, ensuring your possessions are handled with the greatest care. They are adept at quickly clearing out any unwanted items from your storage space. Opting for Got Rubbish Junk Removal’s complete service is choosing the premier solution for emptying storage units. Our friendly and thoughtful team is committed to providing an unmatched, smooth experience

Marlboro Office Furniture Removal

Do you need office furniture removal in Toms River, NJ? When business proprietors and office administrators move their offices to a different site, they frequently discover unanticipated pieces from their furniture collection or come across new items already present at the new location. Whether it’s an office expansion, relocation, or makeover, we are here to help clear out any unwanted office furnishings.

Office furniture we remove includes:

  • Shelving
  • Computer desks
  • Conference room tables
  • Old carpeting
  • Cubicles and their fixtures
  • Furniture

Marlboro Post-Renovation Cleanup

Got Rubbish Junk Removal offers post-renovation cleanup services in Marlboro, NJ. Cleaning a newly constructed or renovated home requires specialized skills and methods. Ordinary cleaning tools and personnel won’t suffice.
At Got Rubbish Junk Removal, we have teams skilled in post-renovation cleanup, armed with advanced equipment and high-quality supplies to efficiently handle the job. Each team is supervised by a leader who ensures the cleaning meets our high standards and acts as the main point of contact for our clients.

Marlboro Event Trash Removal

We offer services for event trash removal in Marlboro, NJ. For seamless trash removal from your location, choose Got Rubbish Junk Removal as your preferred partner. Our expertise lies in developing comprehensive cleanup and waste management solutions for large-scale events and festivals, incorporating an effective approach to recycling and waste diversion. Our flexible services are designed to manage different aspects of the process, customized to meet the unique needs of your event.

Marlboro Commercial Demolition

The need for Marlboro commercial demolition services can arise at any time in the life of a business.From storage facilities requiring the removal of heavy items left behind in abandoned units to restaurants needing to dispose of outdated appliances in large quantities, and even offices undergoing renovations, the demand for demolition is diverse. If you’re on the lookout for reliable commercial demolition services in Marlboro, you’ve arrived at the right destination.

Demolition encompasses the tearing down, dismantling, or obliteration of buildings, structures, or their components. While commercial demolition projects carry inherent construction-related risks, opting for a professional service like ours offers numerous benefits. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Looking for Residential or Commercial Junk Removal Services in Marlboro, New Jersey?

If you’re looking for the best Marlboro junk removal company for residential or commercial services, check out Got Rubbish Junk Removal today! Our goal is to become the foremost source of eco-friendly and hassle-free junk removal solutions, transforming the process through which people and companies recover their environments. We are dedicated to forging a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow by ensuring the proper disposal of items, maximizing recycling efforts, and providing exceptional service to our customers. With our focus on innovation, expertise, and a strong dedication to preserving the environment, we aim to be the go-to ally in making life simpler and spaces more vibrant, contributing to a cleaner, uncluttered world.


Got Rubbish distinguishes itself in the junk removal sector through its commitment to exceptional service, marked by punctuality, eco-consciousness, and unmatched customer support. Our specialized team prides itself on efficiently removing debris, prioritizing environmentally friendly methods such as recycling, repurposing through donations, or appropriate waste elimination. Our core mission is to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. For more information on our Marlboro junk removal services, you can call us at (201)-521-2004 or check out our website.

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