Shed Demolition







LOCAL SHED Demolition

    Do you need shed demolition services in New Jersey or the NY Metro Area?  If so, call Got Rubbish Junk Removal to take care of it for you!

    • Full-service. We will remove and place your old sheds in our truck.
    • Professional. We will treat you with courtesy and respect your space
    • Right on time. We will call ahead and be on time so you’re not left wondering.



    Shed demolition is a challenging task that’s not suitable for everyone. At Got Rubbish Junk Removal, we handle this by dismantling the shed and loading the pieces onto our truck for disposal. Our skilled team, equipped with the right tools, ensures a safe and efficient removal process. You don’t have to put yourself through the hassle and time-consuming effort of doing it yourself, not to mention avoiding any potential injuries.

    Why not make it easy and give us a call? This way, you’ll spare yourself physical strain and enjoy your weekend, knowing that your shed will be efficiently removed. With our help, you can look forward to reclaiming your space without any worries. If you need shed demolition services in NJ or the NY Metro area, contact Got Rubbish Junk Removal today!


    You can reach us at 201-521-2004 to set up an appointment or for more information.