Office Furniture Removal









Do you need office furniture removal in New Jersey or the NY Metro Area? As business owners and office managers transition their offices to a new location, they often find unexpected furniture from their inventory or encounter new furnishings already at the destination. During office expansion, relocation, or renovation, the team at Got Rubbish Junk Removal is readily available to assist in the removal of any unnecessary office furniture.

    • Full-service. We will remove and place you old appliances in our truck.
    • Professional. We will treat you with courtesy and respect your space
    • Right on time. We will call ahead and be on time so you’re not left wondering.


    Here are some examples of what we will come and take in NJ and NY:

    • Shelving
    • Computer desks
    • Conference room tables
    • Old carpeting
    • Cubicles and their fixtures
    • Side tables
    • Credenzas
    • Storage cabinets
    • Cabinetry
    • Seating (sofas, office chairs, and benches)
    • Tables
    • Discarded office equipment items like printers, fax machines, monitors, etc.
    • Some types of advertisement materials, old files, and more.

      You can reach us at 201-521-2004 to set up an appointment or for more information.