Let’s be honest. You probably don’t think about junk removal companies that often. But there comes a time during your home ownership that you’ll decide its time to do away with household goods and various accumulated junk. Got Rubbish has you covered on questions to ask!

Pricing: This is usually the first question people wonder about junk removal. And it makes sense, you’ll want to know how much junk removal is going to cost. Some companies charge by how many truckloads, total weight, type of junk, etc. It is important to get a clear understanding of how you’ll be charged prior to booking junk removal.

What Do You Get For The Price: A lot of the customers focus on price, but you’ll want to also focus on what you’ll get for the price.

Got Rubbish’s price includes all labor and disposal fees. It also includes a light sweep at the end. We treat every job like a work site, making sure to leave it clean at the end.

Junk Removal Process: This also can play a role in the cost of your junk removal service, so you need to get clarification from the company first. Who is going to be responsible for the removal of junk? If you are hiring a junk removal company, chances are you want them to take care of accessing the junk and getting it out of your house.  Got Rubbish is happy to enter garages, attics, and basements to get your junk!

What They Take: This one might seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure everything you need removed is accepted by the junk removal company you are looking to hire. If you have a bunch of different items, ask them for a guide on what they take.


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